Assistant Professor

Research interests

  • computational lexical semantics
  • language resources for Slovene
  • corpus linguistics
  • translation technologies

On-going projects

  • JANES: basic national research project on the development of resources, tools and methods for the research of nonstandard Internet Slovene (leader)
  • JANES Jr: summer school in Internet linguistics for high-school students (leader)
  • Meta Science Goes International: translating and adapting a popular-science web portal called Meta znanost for an international audience with MA students of translation (leader)
  • sloWNet: non-funded development of Slovene wordnet (leader)
  • reLEX: bilateral Cro-Slo project on bilingual lexicon construction for closely related languages from existing language resources (member)
  • nonSS: bilateral Srb-Slo project on the construction of bilingual corpora and lexicons of non-standard for Serbian and Slovenian (member)

Past projects

  • BiLEX: national post-doc research project on bilingual lexicon extraction from comparable corpora (leader)
  • IMP: EU project on language resources for historical Slovene (member)
  • SPOOK: basic national research project on Slovene translation studies (member)
  • JOS: basic national research project on linguistic annotation of Slovene language (member)
  • STP: applied national research project on the development of the Slovene terminology portal (member)
  • WOLF: bilateral Fr-Slo research project on the development French wordnet (member)
  • WN4MT: bilateral Hun-Slo bilateral project on using wordnets in machine translation (member)